Thanks to considerable help from Eric Ackerman of the College of Sciences, we have a modern, informative website for our SDSU Biodiversity Museum.

Dr. Marshal Hedin, who is the director of the museum and a Professor of Biology, along with our several active curators, believe that the museum is an excellent place for hands-on student learning in the biodiversity sciences. They emphasize training students from diverse backgrounds, including first-generation and underrepresented minority groups.

The students at the museum contribute to the study of regional bi-national ecosystems and their organisms by conducting data-driven research and analyzing evolutionary processes from the molecular to continental scales.

Collections-based research is the main focus of any museum, and in the context of biodiversity change, it has never been more fundamentally important.

“We are excited to expand the SDSU Biodiversity Museum by increasing student research, mentorship, and outreach programs. We are committed to working with binational partners in biological studies, with a focus on conservation,” said Hedin.