Genomic collections are fundamentally important in modern genomic, phylogenomic and population genomic analyses. We maintain genomic collections for several taxonomic groups, linked to original voucher specimens.

Birds – Since 1998, the Ornithology Collection has been saving genetic material from specimens in the collection. This collection also serves as a repository for the genetic resources of the ornithology collections at the San Diego Natural History Museum. Our combined collections contain genetic material for over 6,500 individual birds.

Plants – In addition to voucher specimen collections, the SDSU Herbarium maintains a repository of silica-gel dried material for molecular phylogenetic studies. These are cross-referenced with voucher specimens in the data portal.

Arachnids – The genomics-preserved arachnids collection includes almost 15,000 specimens (or tissues) databased and preserved in ultracold facilities. The DNA-preserved spider collection in particular is one of the largest and most phylogenetically comprehensive collections in the United States.