We’re excited to host many individuals from our local communities who regularly visit the Biodiversity Museum as Community Research volunteers. A list of these persons, and their research activities, is provided below.

If you are potentially interested in such a volunteer research experience, either on-campus or virtually, please contact Dr. Hedin.

Randy Supczak volunteers in the Spider collection, working to identify and understand diversity in California cybaeid spiders. Randy is an engineer in the semiconductor industry, and in his spare time likes hiking with his dogs and studying native plants and animals, particularly spiders and solpugids.

Haakon Hoyer-Nielsen volunteers in the Insect collection, working to improve the taxonomic organization of our butterfly specimens. Haakon recently graduated¬†from SDSU with a B.S. in Biology, with interests in terrestrial and marine ecology. In his free time he surfs and enjoys the beauty of San Diego’s beaches.¬†

Grant Wass volunteers in the Spider collection, working to identify the spiders collected in a previous San Diego County biodiversity survey. Grant is currently attending Palomar College, is more generally interested in the systematics and biogeography of North American schizomids, and in his free time hikes the canyons and deserts of San Diego County.