We are thrilled to announce that the SDSU Biodiversity Museum is co-organizing San Diego County’s 2024 City Nature Challenge with the San Diego Natural History Museum.

The 2024 City Nature Challenge is a 4-day, worldwide collaboration to get people observing the natural world—and The Nat and SDSU Biodiversity Museum are coordinating San Diego’s annual participation! We’re using the free iNaturalist app to tally results for observations made in San Diego County.

It’s easy to participate! All wild plants, animals, and fungi count, even non-native species. On the iNaturalist 2024 San Diego County City Nature Challenge Project Page, your observations will directly contribute to science.

The observation period for the City Nature Challenge will take place from April 26–29, 2024.
This Dashboard includes all of the many local events that you can sign up for, including many volunteer opportunities.

Our Biodiversity Museum has a long history of local biodiversity research, and a particularly rich history of collaboration with researchers at The Nat. The Biodiversity Museum’s active role in the organization of the CNC continues this tradition and aligns with our current efforts to be more accessible and connected to the community.

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